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Robert Jastrzebski

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Rob Jastrzebski, and his approach to real estate, can be described very simply: “High-Energy”! Rob truly believes in giving his all to any tasks he takes on, whether it’s finding the perfect buyer for your existing home or searching out a dream home for you to move into.

His track record is testimony to that. Entering the real estate industry in 2002, he quickly rose amongst the ranks as of one of Canada’s top level producers, placing as #5 in the country for his company in 2003, out of over 6500 agents Canada-wide. Since that time, Rob just hasn’t stopped. He’s been a consistent award-winner, top-producer and prides himself on being a mentor to others within the industry. He constantly endeavors to grow his business and embraces new technologies as they pertain to real estate.

But ask Rob and he’ll confirm: those accolades are not what drives him. He values the importance of helping others manage what, to home buyers, is their largest and most overwhelming investment. He is ever-cognizant of the huge responsibility he bears to his clients and he puts his everything into helping them reach their desired goals.

“Firecracker”. “Energetic”. “Enthusiastic”. “Focused”. “Dedicated”. “Hard-Working”. “Results-Oriented”. These are what his past clients say. Aren’t these the attributes of the person you want working for you?

Call Rob, and he will take care of the rest! Rob Jastrzebski is “The BEST for your Nest!”

Knowlege is Power: Keeps current of the housing markets including interest rates. It was evident that he maintains his professional competency. He took the time to educate us on what we should know in the current real estate environment. He provided detailed information on similar listings to our property we planned on selling, along with evidence justifying what price point we should aim to put our house for sale. As sellers, he provided many resources in varying formats for reference on how to sell your home. Follow his recommendations! We sold our house in 6 days of being on the market and got 98.9% of our asking price! His knowlege empowered our decision making and he was never overbearing. Detail-oriented: attentive to our individual needs. I felt he valued what I wanted in a home and what my husband valued without choosing sides; always ameliorating our differences. Organized: He set us up on an email of search listings. In addition, being the meticulous person I am, I would send him MLS listings I was interested in. He would arrange and confirm viewings within at most 24 hours and usually within hours. Going on viewings felt like being on a tour or excursion, never back-tracking once. The most houses we saw on one night was 6 with additions and deletions within a few hours of meeting. Interest in housing, architecture, and build of a house: he pointed out the positive aspects of each house without laying fault or passing negative judgement. He took the time to make each house presented in positive light, even the undesirable ones. He also remained ethical in making us aware of any undesirable qualities that did not suit our needs or wants. If there was something majorly deficient he knew, he let us know. Problem solver and self-motivated: he was not apprehensive about telling us what work needed to be done in order to be the best presented home as possible. He provided feedback in a constructive, non-judgemental manner. He knew what would attract buyers and marketed our home on multiple platforms without any cost to us. Honest and Integrity: I am a member of a regulated profession and understand the duty to abide by a Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice. It was clear from the beginning that Rob abided by an Ethical Code and Standard. I was impressed by his professionalism. Effective communicator: exceptionally represented us as sellers and buyers. As sellers, he followed up with feedback from viewings and notified us of the same. As buyers, he was quick to respond to text, email, and phone. If not inmediately, he would follow up in no more than a few hours. He respected our time during viewings by giving us his full attention, not taking phone calls, emails, or texts unless they were a time sensitive negotiation offer he needed to deal with. Engaging Personality: Rob has great salesmanship. He is well-groomed, clean, polite, and positive. He lives by some wonderful mottos such a "life is good", "where there's a will, there's a way", and "the best for your nest". He works hard to live by these words and transfers well into the services he offers. Hustle and Tenacity: Rob had a good work ethic. He pursues every deal and is experienced with how much push to shove to close a deal in your favor, for selling and buying. We got 99% of the list price for the sale of our home and paid 96% for the home we bought. We couldn't be happier. Network and Connections: Rob has amazing professionals in his network. They are top quality and he remains ethical in that he doesn't receive kick-backs for referrals. Having the former President and current board member of the Alberta Professional Home Inspector Society (APHIS), the credentialling body of home inspectors of Alberta, do my home inspection; I received the best service possible. Overall, I am completely satisfied with the service I received and when he says that he provides such quality service that you will tell everybody that "you have to go with our Realtor Rob", it's the truth. I was skeptical at first but going through this experience, I understand what he meant and why he receives all his business through referrals without having to advertise himself in cheesy realtor fashion. - Sabrina and Steve Hazlett

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Rob was thorough, honest and professional at all times. He kept us advised of the market and sold our home fast! Thank you for your help!! - Kevin & Tammy

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Rob went so far above and beyond our expectations of what a realtor does...it's hard to explain! He took the time to find exactly what we want/needed and offered his professional opinion in areas of uncertainty for my wife and I. If you're looking for an absolute gem of a Real Estate Agent - Rob J is your man! I'd rate him 10/5 if I could! Thanks Rob! - Michael d

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Rob really cares about his clients and makes selling or buying a home a walk in the park. His knowledge made the whole process simple and easy to understand. We honestly had no clue how buying a home worked, and yet we were in our dream house the very next month! Thanks buddy - Stefan Luedersdorf

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